About us


Transbed & Strada Group is a team of companies implementing comprehensive domestic and international transportation services. Since 1987, we have been constantly developing in the industry by cooperating with the largest courier and e-commerce corporations in the market.

For the company’s success works a team of experts in the field of fleet management and coordination, we have our own administrative facilities, service of trucks, along with a full infrastructure to meet all the needs of our own.



The company was established in August 1987. Initially the core of the business was exclusively trade and transport of hard coal. The development of the transport industry and experience allowed us to expand our activity in 2008 to include international transport.



Since 2008 we have been growing steadily, executing permanent orders for internationally recognized contractors. The potential of our fleet and human resources, as well as our own extensive accompanying infrastructure, is the main asset of our company. As a result, we have already been able to provide services in the amount of more than 4,000 permanent domestic and international transports per month for almost 15 years.

As of 2019, we are also present on the German market carrying out all cabotage connections through a subsidiary-Transbed & Strada GmbH. Despite the expanded structure, we still remain a family-oriented company, which is appreciated by our contractors and employees.

As a group, we adapt to the requirements and circumstances governing the transportation industry. Part of our fleet are tractors equipped with an environmentally friendly LNG plant. We operate a sustainable development strategy confirmed by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ECOVADIS silver medals 2022Y.



We have a modern and diversified fleet of over 140 tractors and 40 3.5DMC buses. We provide services with coffer, tarpaulin and dump trailers, as well as buses with 8 and 5 pallet bodies. The suppliers of our vehicles are SCANIA, MERCEDES, MAN, VOLVO and RENAULT.



Our transport base-place is in an excellent location for transport operations. We are adjacent to the Katowice International Airport – Pyrzowice, near the S1 expressway connecting the airport with the E75 national road and the A1 highway.