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 Since 1987
reliably and professionally

We provide permanent services in international and domestic transport, by tractors with semi- trailers such as isotherm, curtainsider, dump truck and minibuses with 8 and 5 pallets. We provide domestic and European transport, for leading courier and e-commerce companies. Orders are executed exclusively with our own fleet. Our goal is to build strong, proactive and long-term business relationships with our suppliers and customers, and to promote responsible behavior throughout the supply chain.

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We are environmentally conscious
we use EURO 6 and LNG-powered vehicles

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Why choose
our company?

Compliance with the law

We provide equal access to basic work tools, training, speaking out, taking part in the development of the company for all employees. We pay salaries in accordance with national and EU laws and in accordance with industry standards. While employing foreigners, we take care of all formalities related to providing them with legal work.


We constantly implement procedures and methods of conduct which are necessary for consistent management in accordance with environmental principles. Evidence of this is the introduction of an Integrated Management System incorporating the ISO 14001 standard.

Sustainable development

We are guided by the effective use of the potential of technology in carrying out transportation tasks. We take care to maintain adequate economic growth and improve competitiveness in the market while working to protect the environment. We focus on economic progress without depleting natural resources.

Human rights

We reject all forms of forced practices. Labor is an obstacle to regular school attendance and knowledge acquisition, and we therefore we do not employ children or minors. We provide employees with comfortable, safe and healthy working conditions in accordance with health and safety rules. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

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